Day 18…

…ideas wanted.  18 days into Janathon and my thoughts are straying to February.  I am, as my name suggests, a sloth at heart.  The only exercise I’ve ever managed to maintain long-term is cycling to work.  Take away Janathon and I am Fitographer‘s woman on the sofa.  So in all likelihood, come February, I will leave my running shoes in the hallway as a trip hazard put my running shoes away in a cupboard where they will gather dust until my next mad challenge (probably in 2013).

So, ideas wanted.  What challenge can I set myself to build on Janathon?  What can I do in February to use this momentum?  The only thing I’ve thought of so far is to try for a parkrun50 t-shirt by next Janathon, but that seems just a trifle ambitious.  If only I were many, many years younger and could get a t-shirt after 10 runs.


PS I forgot to say.  I did run today:  a whopping 1km from the station to work.

About abradypus

A Bradypus or Sloth am I, I live a life of ease, contented not to do or die but idle as I please; ... [Michael Flanders and Donald Swann]
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11 Responses to Day 18…

  1. To start with you will be in training for Juneathon, and what about signing up for Beast in the East or that kind of thing.

  2. shazruns says:

    Lazybetty suggested belly dancing! No chance, but am looking for other ideas that involve minimal exposure of flesh

  3. mmm….sign up for a race – 10K or half marathon? There’s nothing like a deadline to get you out the door at least 3x a week.

    • abradypus says:

      You say that, but in my experience there’s nothing like a deadline to have me doing nothing until 3 days beforehand when the panic sets in. 🙂

      • fortnightflo says:

        Hahaha – I am the same! Agree about the need to keep motivated. I think I’m going to keep blogging and logging but maybe not as often. And joining the running club helps as I will be running with them 3 times a week..Does that appeal?

  4. stephenamp says:

    I’ve been thinking about this too and came up with the target of at least running every other day in February… but running more miles overall. So instead of running two miles every day I’m going to look at four miles every other – and then a little more! Or you could be really crazy and set a target for the year like those few who are aiming for 2011 miles in 2011 – but that just seems a bit grand!

  5. sooozie says:

    Running every other day seems like a good idea. I am going to start swimming next month to add a bit of variety but I am also going to sign up for some 10k races to give me something to aim for.

  6. jensruns2011 says:

    Well done on your run 🙂 Definitely think joining a running group of some kind is a good idea. It certainly makes me get out and run when perhaps I wouldn’t otherwise!

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  8. kathryn says:

    There’s something about the regularity and commitment of Janathon that really works isn’t there. I’m planning on signing up for a few races, spread out over the year. But to keep me more immediately active I’m going to join a running club and I also like Stephenamp’s suggestion of committing to running every second day, but building up the distance.

  9. lazybetty says:

    one of my colleagues has suggested a Twenty Elevanathon…

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