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Short and sweet

Two short runs today. Both on the way into work. With a bus in the middle. I’m saving myself (excuses, excuses) for tomorrow’s parkrun. Assuming that I ever decide which parkrun to do. I’m almost certainly going to have to … Continue reading

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An alien has taken over my body…

…that is the only possible explanation!  I am a sloth.  When I took time off between university and working life, did I go travelling?  No.  Did I volunteer for a worthy cause?  No.  Did I do anything even remotely useful?  … Continue reading

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How loudly can one person eat?

Short blog this evening…because I’m about to go and beat my husband to death with a sledgehammer move the bowl of Japanese rice crackers out of my husband’s reach. Well, I will if he doesn’t stop crunching.  Crunch, crunch, crunch, … Continue reading

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Apparently yesterday’s 30 minute beginner workout courtesy of Nike qualifies under both rule two and rule four.  I was intending to cycle to work and run home, but as I can barely stagger across my office, I’ve decided to cycle home and … Continue reading

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And now for something a little different

After running five km twice yesterday, my feet felt very strongly that they didn’t want to walk run anywhere today.  So I decided to try out a thirty minute beginner workout courtesy of Nike. Modified burpees and press ups, lunges … Continue reading

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Post Janathon 5km and lunch…

…started off informally at Finsbury Park parkrun with Fortnight Flo and Shazruns… …and then continued in Hyde Park where Audiofuel Sean waved seven of us (Gary Vallance, Fairweather Runner, Misty2000, William, Shazruns, Fortnight Flo and myself) off for a social run around the … Continue reading

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Febtathlon – rule four

Did you know that if you write to your MP, you can arrange to go on a tour of Big Ben?*  Isn’t that just fabulous? Dear MP I really love/hate** your political views and voted for you/wouldn’t have voted for … Continue reading

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A sop to my conscience

I meant to run to work this morning.  I started out well.  I left as normal, and even felt reasonably good… …and then 2km into my 6km, I got to a bus stop at the same time as a bus.   … Continue reading

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When I’m queen of the world…

…there is a long, long list of things I’m going to ban.  Top of the list, somewhat controversially, is coriander.  But moving rapidly up the list are cyclists.  Or more specifically, those cyclists who ride bikes with no lights and then cycle … Continue reading

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A plod, a sprint and an impulse decision.

The run into work sometimes feels interminable and this morning was one of those times.  Slow, laboured and plodding would all be perfect descriptions. My legs felt like lead and I paused at every bus stop praying for a bus … Continue reading

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