The Juneathon effect

I ran every day in Janathon, but am not intending to run every day in Juneathon.  Exercise, yes.  Run, no.

So why, after cycling to work and back, did I dash upstairs, chuck on my running kit and go out for a (turn over now all you compulsive rounder-uppers) 0.98mile run?

It’s the Juneathon effect.  There’s no other explanation.

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A Bradypus or Sloth am I, I live a life of ease, contented not to do or die but idle as I please; ... [Michael Flanders and Donald Swann]
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24 Responses to The Juneathon effect

  1. shazruns says:

    You see I would have to run that extra bit to make it up to 1 mile, never though of myself as OCD before but when it comes to miles run I am. You have set a precedent now so maybe running for the next 30 is a possiblity after all

  2. Rachel B says:

    Oh well done you. Thought you were getting sensible for a while there. I was nearly tempted out again this pm (still in run kit now) but found a glass of wine instread!

  3. Bad Wabbit says:

    0.98 miles??? I will decree that this is one mile. If you add in the time in the house with your trainers on, must count.

  4. lazybetty says:

    ha ha agreed. we’re all bonkers.

  5. runtezza says:

    That’s a duathlon on Day 1!

  6. Steve says:

    this is how it starts… day one you just go running… then day two you feel pretty good… then day three you don’t want to break the chain!

  7. plustenner says:


  8. Carl says:

    Not running every day myself but obviously as it’s Juneathon so I will be exercising! (the rules, the rules!)

    I also resisted temptation to round up on my run today 😉

  9. Maggiee says:

    Yay! Here’s to juneathon day 1 and non-rounded-up numbers! 🙂

  10. nicky192 says:

    Funny. I had the same feeling. Hoping it is still present at stupid o’clock tomorrow morning *fingers crossed*

  11. runorgocrazy says:

    It appears I might be OCD as well……it wouldn’t have taken long to round it up!

  12. kathryn says:

    Juneathon has got you in it’s compulsive claws. I’m with Steve, but day three you’ll be utterly hooked and won’t want to break the record. Then by day eighteen you’ll be cursing the whole idea.

  13. hollycparker says:

    Ahhh. 0.02 miles?! Tragic. I have a little grassy hill in the middle of our little cul de sac so if I’m nearing that all important mile, I’ll just run round that for a bit. Neighbours probably think I’ve lost my marbles but hey. Fair play for resisting the urge!

  14. Juneathon certainly does get you motivated, and the best thing is you can do as much or as little as you feel like-always good for those ‘can’t be bothered’ days!! Keep it going and all the best.

  15. bangalitos says:

    Somehow Juneathon has invaded the consciousness and makes you do the strangest things. Certainly getting up and running at the crack of dawn 2 days in a row, with no race to train for seems weird behaviour for me. Here’s to weird!

  16. Helen says:

    Dualathlon. And a mile. You had to go out of the door and back in, don’t forget 😉

  17. Oh my god. 0.98 miles? But that’s heresy…. However I am pleased to learn that the world doesn’t end if you don’t finish on a round number.

  18. henniemavis says:

    …and I just busted someone else for being a zealot. I think maybe that’s the idea, then, eh? I always did have issues with pacing myself, HA!

  19. *sniggers at ’rounder-uppers’*
    I’m with you on the not running everyday….but I’m sticking to it because I’m s**t at running! Cracking start xx

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