Running club

On Sunday, my training plan called for a long run.  It has called for a long run for each of the last three weekends, but I have ignored it.  However, with Windsor a mere seven weeks away (eeek!) I could ignore it no longer.  So I girded my loins, set the alarm and headed off to Wimbledon Common for the seven mile (well, more than six mile)Sunday run with the Windmilers.

I was slow.  Very slow.  As with most clubs, they won’t leave runners behind, but I was far and away the slowest runner there.  Which I wasn’t too fussed about, until I got back, looked at my times and saw that the run was at the fast end of my spectrum.

So today, I went to their speed session.  Grass track.  One mile warm up (club house to track), 3 x 800m with 200m recovery followed by 2 x 800m with 200m recovery.  And then a one mile cool down run back to the club house for some stretching.

They have a hill session on Thursday.  I find that I’m strangely tempted.


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10 Responses to Running club

  1. zoecakes says:

    Well done on the long run and the speed session – I always find that running with other people encourages me to run faster than I would otherwise! 😉

  2. iliketocount says:

    Hills are ace! I get much improved response to speed demands from a hill rather than intervals – the two combined in a week should shave loads of time off for you. Good luck.

  3. Bad Wabbit says:

    I almost joined the Windmillers when I lived near there in 1998-2001. If I had I’d have been perhaps a much better runner by now!

  4. fortnightflo says:

    Yay – you’ve discovered running club! Have you joined properly or are you just testing the water?

  5. plustenner says:

    that speed workout sounds very tough :o) well done on all the training so far.. Carla and I are doing a half in 7 weeks too (gulp!)

  6. Maggiee says:

    Ooooh hills… Conquer the hills and you conquer the world!! Well, almost…

  7. Hels says:

    You hardcore person thinking about the hill session. I know what I would do…and it wouldn’t be a hill session! How are the Windmillers?

  8. All this positive talk re running clubs makes me think I need to find a nice friendly one. Well done on surviving the intervals 🙂

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