Do I haaaaave to?

Hmmm.  On the plus side, were it not for Janathon, I wouldn’t have run at all today.  On the minus side, the 1.2 mile run around the block is not going to be setting the world on fire any time soon.

But as there’s nothing in the rules to say that the runs have to be long, scenic or entered into willingly, I’ve logged it and am counting it as my day two contribution.

There was one good side effect of going running, namely that I finally sat down to do my first OU assignment, something I’ve been ignoring for weeks.  So I can now spend the evening basking in waves of smug and feeding my Temple Run addiction.  Hurrah!


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A Bradypus or Sloth am I, I live a life of ease, contented not to do or die but idle as I please; ... [Michael Flanders and Donald Swann]
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12 Responses to Do I haaaaave to?

  1. Helen says:

    What OU course are you doing? And well done for running!

  2. Will says:

    1) You’re not the only one relying on short runs to make it through janathon, although mine will be largely down to not running for nearly three months (turns out it’s not so good for fitness).

    2) Temple Run is awesome. Does playing a game of Temple Run count as a daily janathon contribution?

  3. Shaz says:

    Well done for getting out from under the cat and completing day two

  4. Ian says:

    Forced myself out the front door again today but found it a lot easier than yesterdays pathetic attempt. Let’s keep going, it can only get better! (I’m doing OU S159 ‘Neighbourhood Nature’ at the moment).

  5. serunner says:

    Oh blast. I’ve got 2 uni assignments due next week. Thanks for reminding me.

    Well done on getting out!!

  6. Shaming me with your uni work – I had lots of good intentions to look at mine this weekend. Let’s just say that the road to hell is looking very well maintained at the moment….

  7. Maggiee says:

    Well done… Better than my day one attempt after all! P.S: excuse my ignorance, but what is temple run?!!!

  8. fortnightflo says:

    I’m getting flahsbacks to last year already!! After the event I enjoyed Janathon so much, but I’d forgotten how hard the reality actually was – especially for the 1st week.

  9. Tegan says:

    Well done on getting out there and for cracking on with your assignment!

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