Why @ups Croydon are off my Christmas card list

UPS were due to deliver a package today.  At some point between 9am and 6pm.  So work schedules were rearranged, and my husband’s vigil began.

At 8.02am, the tracking information was updated to say the package was ‘out for delivery’, but 6pm came and went with no sign of the package.

UPS were called.  A telephone tree with no suitable options was negotiated before a human was reached.  They said that the window for a domestic delivery was not 9am to 6pm but 9am to 7pm, so the vigil continued for another hour.

7pm approached, and tracking information was rechecked: 6.18pm  “The package was missed at the UPS facility, UPS will deliver on the next business day.”

UPS were called.  The telephone tree with no suitable options was re-negotiated.  A human was reached.  It turned 7pm.  The call was dropped.  UPS were called again.  The telephone tree with no suitable options was negotiated again.  A human was reached.  The status of the package was reconfirmed, and assurances given that it would be marked as a priority delivery tomorrow.

“And what does ‘priority delivery’ mean?” my husband asked.

“That the delivery is a priority” was the reply.

“So it will be delivered first?” my husband queried.

“No.  Any time between 9am and 7pm.  But we will make it a priority to ensure it is on the truck this time.”

And the air took on a slight blue tinge.

The vigil resumes tomorrow morning at 9am.  Watch this space.


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13 Responses to Why @ups Croydon are off my Christmas card list

  1. JovialGnome says:

    Nothing like putting the customer first eh? And that’s nothing like putting the customer first!

  2. Andy says:

    Sounds about right although you missed the bit about me bobbing up and down like a loon every time I heard anything sounding like a lorry or van passing the house. As we are on a rat run there was a lot of bobbing involved.

  3. Rachel B says:

    Grrr I feel your pent up frustration and rage!!!

  4. jensruns2011 says:

    How very annoying, your poor husband. Hope it comes tomorrow and sooner rather than later 😉

  5. Shaz says:

    New janathon activity? UPS waiting? Steaming ears! Phone hanging on? Mmm sound like tats janathon well and truly sorted fr today ten

  6. zoecakes says:

    Hope they deign to deliver tomorrow!

  7. cmmercer says:

    Oh my god, the fury that would be flowing through me if that happened. Had one recently where the web updated as ‘delivered’. No one had knocked on the door. 10 minutes later it updated again to say ‘address couldn’t be found, undeliverable’. When I phoned to complain, they sent the driver back out again – turns out I’d seen this car pull up outside my house 20 minutes previously and look at the houses on opposite side of the street!! 😦

  8. plustenner says:

    How frustrating!!

  9. fortnightflo says:

    Grrrrrr – get on to blagger.com and leave them (another) crap review…

  10. runtezza says:

    Great post! Modern life or what? (particularly those bl**dy telephone systems).

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