Running arithmetic

In running world, does 4 + 3 + 5 = 12?

Or rather, does 4 + 0 + 3 + 0 + 5 = 12?

I ask, because my run today was a 4 mile run to a parkrun followed by a bit of standing about, a 3 mile run around a parkrun*, followed by a bit of standing about, and then a 5 mile run back, bringing my garmin total to 12.

And in my head, that’s my long run done. But I’ve a nagging suspicion that the breaks mean that it doesn’t really qualify.

But on the plus side, my shiny new ipod nano meant that I could run with music for the first time in forever, and I even had the wonderful Chad Hardman for company šŸ˜‰

*Brighton and Hove, for the record.


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A Bradypus or Sloth am I, I live a life of ease, contented not to do or die but idle as I please; ... [Michael Flanders and Donald Swann]
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8 Responses to Running arithmetic

  1. Maggiee says:

    It totally counts! I counted my 18 mile long run as such when I warmed up for a half marathon, ran a half marathon, cooled down, drove home, then ran the additional 6 miles! Personally I think it was harder!! Although running with Chad makes everything better! šŸ˜€ x

  2. Counts for me too, not that I’ve ever managed to run that far!

  3. twoshotreg says:

    This totally counts. I did a bike ride to the oak hill parkrun event yesterday 5k , 5k run , bike ride back 5k , total 15k. Slightly different but it all adds towards my total for my tri training.

  4. fortnightflo says:

    12 miles = 12 miles as far as I’m concerned. bally well done old girl!!

  5. plustenner says:

    agree with Carla! 12 miles is just that šŸ™‚ well done!!

  6. jensruns2011 says:

    I’d say it definitely counts, well done! šŸ™‚

  7. shazruns says:

    Would count on count down either way so must count

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