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Running arithmetic

In running world, does 4 + 3 + 5 = 12? Or rather, does 4 + 0 + 3 + 0 + 5 = 12? I ask, because my run today was a 4 mile run to a parkrun followed … Continue reading

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#janathon fail?

It’s half past nine and I have yet to do anything resembling exercise.  The question is, shall I log a fail, or go and run up and down the stairs four times?  Or (I like to count please look away … Continue reading

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On the run again

After skipping Tuesday’s club session, tonight’s club run was upgraded to essential.  Which meant hills. Decked out in all new kit (I went on a little bit of a spending spree the other day), but minus my Garmin (which languished, forgotten on … Continue reading

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Why @ups Croydon are off my Christmas card list

UPS were due to deliver a package today.  At some point between 9am and 6pm.  So work schedules were rearranged, and my husband’s vigil began. At 8.02am, the tracking information was updated to say the package was ‘out for delivery’, but 6pm … Continue reading

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Easy pickings

I had two options tonight: to go to running club or to listen to Neville Lawrence speak.  There are no prizes for guessing which I chose.

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Narrow miss

Push ups and a plank today.  And very nearly not even that.  Definitely struggling, even though I’m doing janathon-lite.  How did I manage to run every day last year?

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Learning curve

I learned several things today: The ‘slow’ runners on club long-runs can comfortably maintain a 10 minute mile pace for 11 miles. 8 miles at a 10 minute mile pace makes my knee niggle flare up. Adopting a walk / … Continue reading

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St Albans parkrun

Wow!  St Albans parkrun kicked off today, and [pauses to thank and congratulate the volunteer team] it’s a cracker.  The course is flat.  Not quite as-a-pancake flat, but you’d have to be pretty hill-averse to call it undulating. And for two … Continue reading

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Token gestures and forgetfulness

My rather pathetic janathon effort for the day was my set of core stability exercises.  But no push ups because I completely forgot about them. My attempt to wash my running kit ready for tomorrow stalled as I put all the … Continue reading

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Up and down

Club tonight was a hill session. Up and down the wrong hill. Up and down a long steep hill. Up and down a short steep hill. And then a lovely downhill cool down back to the club house.

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