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Guildford parkrun

This morning, I dragged my disintegrating carcase to Stoke Park for the relatively new Guildford parkrun #4. I have a theory that the only people who turn up for parkruns at half-eight are the (ever-wonderful) volunteers, parkrun first-timers and tourists.  Anyone … Continue reading

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I have consulted the oracle and can confirm that I have a severe case of sudden onset taperchondria. It was an easy diagnosis to make for I have all the classic symptoms. Dull ache in left hamstring: check Weird cramp … Continue reading

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Hastings Half Marathon

There are many aspects of marathon training that I have struggled to get my head around.  One of them is the “only a half marathon” concept. “How far are you running this weekend?” “Only a half marathon.  I’m tapering.” The … Continue reading

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Colwick parkrun

Last year, I invited myself to stay with a marvellous friend of mine so that I could take part in the very first parkrun at King’s Lynn where I met Jovial Gnome, a budding parkrun tourist who was very nearly on the most … Continue reading

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Memos to self

I came across an article on the BBC website today, entitled “Could you run a marathon without training?” It said: Typically, those signing up commit to long periods of meticulous planning, a careful diet and a regimented programme of progressively … Continue reading

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Worthing 20M Road Race

I entered the Worthing 20M Road Race pretty much on impulse.  I’d missed the deadline for on-line entries, but the website promised that there were plenty of spaces and on-the-day entries were welcome.  So on Saturday night, I mapped out … Continue reading

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Panic stations

My marathon training has not been going according to plan.  Actually, it would be closer to say that I have no plan.  I started with a loose one (club on Tuesday, club on Thursday, parkrun and long run at the … Continue reading

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Netley Abbey parkrun

I clocked up my 15th inaugural parkrun today at Royal Victoria Park in Southampton, and a very unusual inaugural it was too. As a runner, it didn’t really feel at all like an inaugural event.  Eastleigh parkrun has been mothballed … Continue reading

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Gdynia parkrun

“Going anywhere interesting?” “Gdynia” “Read that in a hurry.  Just clicked.  Are you in bloody Poland?” This weekend, a group of us flew to Poland to take part in the Gdynia parkrun.  The trip was co-ordinated by Peter Fordham, who … Continue reading

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Willpower 2, Sloth 0

At 5.45pm this evening, I got out of my last meeting of the day. “Go home”, said the voice of sloth. “The document you need to write for tomorrow’s 9.30am meeting will wait until tomorrow morning.” “No”, whispered my willpower.  … Continue reading

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