Check your blind spot!

I saw a road traffic accident today.  A relatively minor one, thank goodness, but one that could have been really nasty.  I was on a three lane section of the A23, and traffic was flowing freely.  Nothing out of the ordinary, until the driver of the car in the inside lane decided to overtake and pulled out.  Unfortunately, they hadn’t checked their blind spot, and the space they pulled out into had a car in it.  The driver of that car swerved out to avoid a collision, pulling into the path of the car in the outside lane.  The driver of that car pulled out as far as they could, but even on a decent A-road it’s hard to fit three cars into two lanes.

The outcome?  Driver one emerged unscathed, and carried on seemingly oblivious to the whole thing.  Drivers two and three collided, fortunately relatively gently, and then pulled over to exchange epithets and insurance details.  If the traffic had been heavier, or either driver slower to react, it could have been extremely nasty.

So the next time you pull out to overtake, please, I beg you, please, remember to check your blind spot.  And if you drive a blue saloon car and were on the southbound A23 between Handcross and Hickstead just before noon today, ask yourself whether you were the driver who forgot to check your blind spot and left mayhem and destruction in your wake.


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1 Response to Check your blind spot!

  1. zoecakes says:

    Ooof, sounds very lucky that no-one got hurt in that.

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