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Gladstone parkrun and the end of Juneathon

I rounded off Juneathon with an inaugural parkrun, the “noticeably undulating” Gladstone parkrun in North West London.  I’ve come to expect a sea of familiar faces at London inaugurals, in fact, that was what got me hooked on inaugural events in … Continue reading

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Today, I felt like a real runner

I usually don’t.  Because real runners run further or faster or more frequently.  They run even when they don’t want to, when they are injured, after it starts to hurt.  They run in the rain, in the snow, in the … Continue reading

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A(n un)comfortable run

Yesterday’s leaden legs have revived somewhat and despite the heat, my run home from work was fairly comfortable.  At least in the legs department. I had, however, promised to pop out at lunchtime to pick up something for supper, forgetting … Continue reading

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Leaden legs

I was severely tempted to skip my run this evening, but I resisted, and managed a token run around the block.  On legs that have apparently been filled with lead.  Roll on rest-day-Monday!

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Hanging on for dear life

It was race three in our 3 mile handicap series this evening.  My tactic?  To latch on to one of the other runners in my batch and to hang onto him for dear life.  I managed to stick with him … Continue reading

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Mission of mercy

After yesterday’s exertions, today was a simple recovery run to Tesco and back to buy antihistamines.  Which I have since eaten like smarties.  If my nose doesn’t stop streaming soon, I may be forced to conclude that it is not … Continue reading

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The longest parkrun

As with most things parkrun, the idea behind the longest parkrun is simple.  On the first Sunday after the longest day of the year to visit as many parkruns as possible. Last year, I didn’t manage to run all seven parkruns on the schedule.  … Continue reading

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Swindon parkrun

This morning,when the alarm went off at silly o’clock, I leaped* out of bed, bright eyed and bushy tailed**, and sped off*** to Lydiard Park for the Swindon parkrun.  Swindon parkrun has been on my to do list for ages, … Continue reading

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Let them eat (pan)cake!

Cooking is not my forte.  Left to my own devices*, tinned tomatoes on toast is my meal of choice, or it would be if I had any bread.  Having exhausted the leftovers in the fridge, I turned in desperation to … Continue reading

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Love gifts

There’s nothing nicer than coming home from a long day at work to find that one of the males in your life has brought you a gift “just because”. Unless of course the male in question is your cat and … Continue reading

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