Another day, another token run around the block

Cycled to work.  Cycled home.  Ran around the block.  Tried to think of a single interesting thing to blog about.  Failed miserably.

So I shall just share with you this snippet from Robert Colvile in The Daily Telegraph:

A great joy of the English language is its endless capacity to delight and surprise. Yesterday, for example, my colleague Tom Chivers introduced me to the hierarchy of adjectives. This is the rule that descriptions tend to go opinion-size-age-shape-colour-origin-material-purpose: for example, “a lovely little Seventies Bakelite radio” or “a hideous new green crinoline dress”. Put any of the words in the wrong order, and the meaning breaks down. Thus, Ken Livingstone can be a ghastly old socialist relic, but “socialist old ghastly relic” sounds off.


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A Bradypus or Sloth am I, I live a life of ease, contented not to do or die but idle as I please; ... [Michael Flanders and Donald Swann]
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4 Responses to Another day, another token run around the block

  1. iliketocount says:

    Very good!

  2. plustenner says:

    you cycled, you ran, whats wrong with that 🙂

  3. 7stoneitch says:

    A cycle and a run is good!

  4. fortnightflo says:

    Hence why English is one of the hardest languages to learn!

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