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The illustrated sloth

Courtesy of tagxedo (thanks to Shazruns for the link)  

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The London Ultra – a personal race report

If you want a full, detailed report which includes pictures and details of the route then I suggest you head on over to read Totkat‘s comprehensive version of events. My race was neatly summed up by @N0rm as follows: And … Continue reading

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I am an ultrarunner

Today has been… …fun. It was not an unmitigated success, it’s true, as I proved once again that left to my own devices I go off stupid fast and then lose my wheels.  But I did very much enjoy the first … Continue reading

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Yay aargh!

(with apologies to the Mutant Enemy logo) Yay!  I won the Janathon competition for a new pair of shoes from, which is very exciting (it’s just possible I need to get out more) but does leave me with a … Continue reading

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Back on the horse…

…with a little help from Run Or Go Crazy, who very kindly shelved her lie in plans to join me for a circuit of Richmond Park.  I’m beginning to wonder if she was the Grand Old Duke of York in … Continue reading

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How time flies…

…when you’re attempting to expel your lungs from your body with your own diaphragm. Yes, after the mileage glut that was January, comes the mileage famine of February.  My long run last Saturday (incorporating Wimbledon parkrun in all its glorious muddiness) and a wonderful … Continue reading

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