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You spin me right round

I did it. I dragged myself out of bed and into a spin class. My glutes may never be the same again, but I’m more than happy to sacrifice them to the god of smug. Lazy day, here I come.

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I meant to go spinning yesterday…

…but couldn’t drag myself out of bed. I meant to go spinning today… …but didn’t remember to set the alarm. I can’t go spinning tomorrow… …as there are no classes on Sunday. So to save myself from complete lumpdom, I … Continue reading

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On the up

I may not have started any bright and amazing cross training yet, but I have at least stopped screaming. I have also embraced my crutches, which have been gathering dust since I broke my ankle at the turn of the … Continue reading

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Growing up

I was a stubborn child.  My way or the highway.  You could reason with me, you could distract me, you could bribe me, but get into a straight battle of wills and that was it until I got my way. … Continue reading

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Blue paint is not enough

On Friday evening, after attending a vigil for people on bikes who had been killed on London’s roads in the last two years, I saw two people on bikes come within a hair’s breadth of joining the list. The two … Continue reading

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Returning from injury

By the time I reach the end of an ‘athon, I am usually in the grip of writer’s block*.  It starts gradually (one short post in amongst longer ones), builds steadily (one long post surrounded by shorter ones), curtails scramble … Continue reading

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