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Walthamstow parkrun

I cracked.  I could take it no more.  Despite being injured, despite knowing that it was probably a bad idea, despite my only rehab instruction being to rest, I yielded to temptation and completed a parkrun.  Not just any old … Continue reading

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I don’t pay road tax but I use the roads.

How cheeky am I? Every time I leave the house, I use some of Britain’s roads.  Sometimes I use them as a pedestrian, sometimes as a cyclist, sometimes as a bus passenger and sometimes as a car driver, and yet … Continue reading

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Learning to draw

Learning to draw has long been a velleity* of mine, so when I read about a course which promised that “if you can write your name you can learn to draw“, I signed up. Day 1: (pre-instruction) Day 2: Day 3: … Continue reading

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Runners, runners, everywhere.

I’m still not running.  My foot is improving, but although many things are back in the painless pot, brisk walking and running are not. On the plus side, that does leave me plenty of time for volunteering, or socialising as … Continue reading

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Exploring the possibilities

My training plan for Sunday reads: Long bike ride. Explore, no limit on how far you want to go. Explore.  Investigate.  Scout.  Map.  Discover.  Reconnoitre.  A word with possibilities.  A word which conjured up visions of intrepid adventurers making their … Continue reading

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We went to the Okanagan Valley

We drove there from Vancouver… …stopping for (non-alcoholic) cocktails in Chilliwack. …We admired the view from 3 mile beach… …herded small children around Andy’s Animal Acres…    …went on a chauffeur-driven tour of some of the finest Naramata wineries… …with a break … Continue reading

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You know you are a runner

Just under two years ago, I went to an early edition of Nonsuch parkrun.  As usual, I arrived stupidly early and wound up talking to a runner called Richard McChesney, also a parkrun tourist, who had been a fast runner … Continue reading

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There’s a crack in my rose-tinted spectacles.

I love parkrun*.  I love the venues, I love the people, I love the t-shirts, I love the low key nature and I love the statistics.  It turned me into a runner, it turned me into a collector and it gets me … Continue reading

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