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Queen Elizabeth parkrun: run report

There are two questions that people ask when they find out that you are a parkrun tourist.  “Are you mad?” and “Which is your favourite parkrun?”.  I don’t have an answer for either, but I can say that if I … Continue reading

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A vague sense of unease

I really, really want my foot to be healed.  I thought it was.  I walked on it.  It seemed fine.  I ran on it.  It seemed fine.  And it didn’t hurt.  Not really.  Not enough to stop me running on it … Continue reading

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Corby parkrun

No dithering was required this weekend.  There was only one inaugural parkrun and it was local* so it was a bit of a no-brainer, especially as I had a sneaking suspicion that fellow tourists Vanessa Rayner** and Jovial Gnome would … Continue reading

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Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun

I’m lying about the sun.  There was no sun. If I’d leapt out of bed and run this morning as planned, there would have been sun.  But I didn’t.  So instead of blue skies, I had dark clouds and drizzle. … Continue reading

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Plymvalley parkrun…

…is a very long way from London and has no loos. But I didn’t know that on Thursday.  All I knew on Thursday was that I had the fidgets.  I had Friday off work, no plans for Saturday and a … Continue reading

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Investigating the Cowell Club

It started innocently enough.  I was searching for a new-to-me parkrun for this Saturday, and thought I’d update my list of UK parkruns cross-referenced against parkruns I’ve done. And then I thought “I wonder which of these Paul Freyne (top of the most events table) … Continue reading

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A glimmer of hope

Two weeks ago, I walked Walthamstow parkrun.  That afternoon, my foot told me in no uncertain terms that I had not been ready, and the upshot was an instruction from the physio to rest for a further two weeks before … Continue reading

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