Corby parkrun

No dithering was required this weekend.  There was only one inaugural parkrun and it was local* so it was a bit of a no-brainer, especially as I had a sneaking suspicion that fellow tourists Vanessa Rayner** and Jovial Gnome would be there.

The course itself is interesting.  At first glance, it registers as a laps-of-a-playing-field course, but it really isn’t.

corby parkrun

According to the official course description [with my notes in brackets]:

The start [A] is positioned approximately 400metres from the pavilion [I] on the main access path that runs through the middle of the park, close to a cluster of trees. The course follows the path down hill on a gentle gradient towards the pavilion, turning right in front of the pavilion [B] and heading in a clockwise direction following the perimeter of the park. The first part of the route starts on concrete path, but then eventually leads on to grass. [Okay.  I’m lost.  It’s tarmac from A to B, grass from B to C, concrete from C to D and grass from D to E.  I think.  Now I’m doubting myself.]  There is a short distance which goes by path through an area of trees, with a fairly steep pathway down to the bottom football fields [E to G.  Glossing over the brave marshall who stood at F with her back to a steep slope making sure that the runners turned and did not rush lemming-like over the edge]. The route then [goes out onto the pavement for about 5 yards before it] heads back towards the MUGA [No idea.  There’s a tennis court and a car park and a pavilion.  But I’m at a loss to say what a MUGA is.] and then the pavilion to start the second lap. The course consists of a two and almost a half lap course finishing approx 25m past the start on the grass marked by a finishing funnel [which is to the left of the path, not the right of the path, despite what my garmin plot would have you believe].

It’s not going to be one of the faster courses as it’s a little uneven underfoot, has one or two sharp turns and will twist the ankles of the unwary.  It’s also less than buggy-friendly – the only runner I noticed with a buggy opted out part-way round and didn’t record a time.  That said, it’s great fun, easy to get to, and has some of the cheapest post-run drinks of any parkrun around.

All of which added up to a great morning out.

*Only two and a bit hours away

**Running her 100th parkrun.  Woohoo!


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5 Responses to Corby parkrun

  1. MUGA … ‘Multi-Use Games Area’ perhaps, and admittedly, boringly.

    Give me a minute and I’ll come up with something better…

  2. ultraian says:

    We’re pretty much the cul de sac of the country as Gill puts it, so far from everywhere, but there is an inaugural Parkrun at Catton, Norwich this weekend if you’re in the vicinity 🙂

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