Scrumpy squats

One of the exercises that I’m trying to master this January is the single legged squat.  The trouble is that I have extremely inflexible ankles, so have an unfortunate tendency to topple over backwards whenever I try one.

Or at least, I did until recently, when I decided to add a little balance in the form of the two cans of Scrumpy Jack which have been mouldering unloved on the kitchen counter.  Held out in front of me, they make a perfect counterweight.

Scrumpy squats, coming to a PT near you.  Maybe.


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A Bradypus or Sloth am I, I live a life of ease, contented not to do or die but idle as I please; ... [Michael Flanders and Donald Swann]
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19 Responses to Scrumpy squats

  1. You need a suspension trainer. I find them a lot easier when hanging on to my trx for dear life!

  2. fitfor365 says:

    Good idea about using a counterweight. I posted some tips on completing the 30 day squat challenge here, which might help?

  3. Sharon says:

    Am impressed by a) your dedication to exercises b) your improvisation c) that you have scrumpy that have been unopened

  4. Cool. What’s next? …
    …Bailey’s bench press?
    …Vodka v-sits?
    …Pimms press ups?

  5. I expected you to have drunk the scrumpy FIRST and THEN done the squats. So, well done for not doing that!

  6. kimivory says:

    Probably the first time Scrumpy Jack has STOPPED anyone toppling over!! 🙂

  7. Off to buy me some Scumpy rights now m’dear…

  8. fattymustrun says:

    I tried single leg squats with a Kettlebell today, what was I thinking? Major FAIL

  9. Chrisruns180 says:

    You should sample the scrumpy whilst squatting and see how long to can keep your balance for as the counterwieght decreases and scrumpiness increases!

  10. dadoorunrun says:

    what do you do with the leg that isn’t squatting? does it go in front or behind or cross over?

  11. blackandtabby says:

    One for the West Country!

  12. plustenner says:

    what a good idea 🙂

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