Hilly Fields parkrun and a Moonlight Challenge

There was no parkrun in my training plan this week.  Normally, I would query such an omission, but as I was due to spend Saturday night running muddy laps around a marsh, I decided to take the hint and volunteer instead.

Four tweets later, and I was on the roster at Hilly Fields parkrun, with ‘athoner Adele (@AdelePrince).

hilly fields tweet

After an extremely windy spot of marshalling at the top of the hill which gives the parkrun its name, it was back to the café for coffee and a chat, and an unexpected tweetup with Em (@slowishrunner) who is another of the Hilly Fields core volunteer team.  After which it was time to head home to pack my bag for my second ultra-distance run in two weeks: the Moonlight Challenge.

The Moonlight Challenge is the shortest of the three challenges organised by Challenge Hub, the other two being a 24 hour challenge in May and a 50 mile challenge in July.  All three take place at the same venue, Marshside Fishery, Back of Beyond, Nr Canterbury and consist of a number of flat, 6.55mile laps along a mixture of road, concrete farm paths, grassy farm paths and ploughed field.  Or rather, given the recent rain, road, concrete farm paths, grassy goo and slip-slidy mud.

The event is extremely low key.  Being a challenge not a race, entrants are free to choose the number of laps that they complete, so if you’re looking for a marathon-length recovery run*, or a fun way to get a little bit of night-running experience, this is pretty much perfect.

How did my challenge go?  I couldn’t face food after about lap 3, and by laps 4 and 5 my basic plod had drifted to nearer 13 min miles than 12 min miles.  On the other hand I did (barring the unrunnable goo sections) run the whole thing, I didn’t have any trouble starting lap number 5 and I fell ever-so-slightly in love with my new Petzl head torch.  So on balance, I’m pretty chuffed.

Especially given that a diary SNAFU meant that I’d forgotten that I’d even entered the event until 10 days ago.

*I kid you not.  Someone said this.  Mind you, having completed Enigma‘s Quadzilla (four marathons in four days) last week, he’s entitled.



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5 Responses to Hilly Fields parkrun and a Moonlight Challenge

  1. Great work as ever! I wasn’t allowed to run this one the OH said no 😦 next year for me I think. Did you get a lovely medal?

  2. plustenner says:

    you are just amazing! well done on yet another ultra – and in the dark! I am in awe

  3. mia79gbr says:

    Well done!! Wow!! And in the dark!

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