Training run musings – kit

Aside from the whole getting stronger and fitter thing, training runs, especially long training runs, are useful for testing out kit and nutrition.  So with two recent loooong runs under my belt, what have I learned about my kit?

Shoes: Hoka trail

I love them.  Two thirty milers, no crippling foot pain and just one blister from each run (in a place which I blister in whatever the shoes).  The grip leaves a little something to be desired, but from a comfort point of view, I have nothing to match them.

Gaiters: none

I’ve never taken the plunge into the world of gaiters, but given the amount of mud that has ended up in my shoes, I’m thinking that I ought to.

Socks: Drymax

Too much choice!  I *hate* buying running socks.  There are long, short, trail, road, hot, cold and that’s just within each brand’s range.  I have one pair which I pull out for long runs, but they’re getting old and tatty.  I really need to invest in some more.

Buff: blue with reflective strip

I bought it ages ago and have taken it with me on a number of runs, without ever actually wearing it.  Tried it out on Saturday for the first time and was pleasantly surprised.  Not too hot, kept the draft off my neck, gave me something to faff about with when the running got dull.

Gloves: Nike

A gift from another runner, they are my only pair of gloves.  Fine for short runs, but after 7 hours of night running, even on a mild night, I was wishing I had a slightly warmer pair.  May need to upgrade.

Hat: Thinsulate

Not really a running hat, but the only one I own that’s even vaguely athletic.  Takes up about half my back pack and is far too warm for this weather.  Ended up carrying it for 31 of the 32 miles.  Upgrade required.

Jacket: S-Lab Light

Made from fairy wings and pixie dust, this weighs nothing, takes up less space than a postage stamp and combined with a base-layer kept me comfortably warm even on the windy sections.  I exaggerate.  But only slightly.  Love it.

Head lamp: Petzl R+

Love it.  No idea which of the 6 settings I was using or how to switch between them, but that’s because it only arrived on Friday and I have yet to read the manual.

Back pack: Salomon 5 litre.

Love it.  Fits in the bits I need, has front water-bottle holders which double as food stores and is extremely comfortable.  Granted, I get a stiff neck after a while, but that’s true of every pack I’ve ever tried, so I won’t hold that against this pack.

Anti-chafe stuff: Body Glide

Works well… as long as I remember to apply it.  Doh!


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7 Responses to Training run musings – kit

  1. JovialGnome says:

    The Hokas are rather good aren’t they? Don’t use them on frosty tarmac though for they have NO grip! Great blog as ever! 🙂

  2. shazruns says:

    Great to read what is good and what is not, made note of some, just in case I need some new gear.

  3. paigesato says:

    I totally recommend Smartwool socks. I wear them all year (they come in varying thicknesses), but in 3 years of running, I’ve only once had a blister (yes, only once!!!!), and no matter how many puddles I splash through, my feet are good. I can actually feel the moisture wick away.

    • abradypus says:

      *adds smartwool socks to shopping list*

      • TOTKat says:

        Yep, seconded on the Smartwool. Those and Bridgedale Merinofusion or Woolfusion. All brilliant and if your feet get wet, they don’t get cold and generally don’t blister any more than they would have done dry.

        Gaiters – Dirty Girl seem pretty good so far to me.

        Jacket – I may have taken a leaf from your book *ahem* (The sizing was off though IMO and I’ve had to send the first one back as it was like a tent!)

  4. Rachel says:

    Thanks! I’ve been contemplating the Hoka’s and just cannot make up my mind as they ae so different from my normal shoe. But you have helped swing it!

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