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Ashford parkrun and Buttons for Brathay 10k

Sometimes a day is so lovely that I struggle to find the words to do it justice.  Yesterday was one of those days. It started with Ashford parkrun.  It’s not one I’ve run before, though I have fond memories of volunteering … Continue reading

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Damoclesian swords and idiotic onions

Last summer, when I was injured, I came to the conclusion that my brand of idiocy comes in onion form. Peel off one layer and you reveal another, equally idiotic. Carry on peeling, and you will only discover more idiocy … Continue reading

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“Running and Stuff” by James Adams

This is James Adams. The photos were taken at Country to Capital, where I managed to wangle a sweaty runner hug off him, mainly because the sun was in his eyes and he thought I was somebody else. But that’s … Continue reading

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Qu’est que c’est que ca?

C’est un moulin, Papa. This morning’s run was a rolling trail run that came with the single instruction “Just enjoy it!”.  I ended up running an out-and-back from the Clayton Windmills, aka Jack and Jill, and very lovely it was too. … Continue reading

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For better, for worse

Yesterday, in a moment of weakness, I arranged an assignation with another. I know it’s wrong. I know it’s disloyal. I know that I should have resisted temptation. But I’m only human and I have needs. Needs that, for one reason … Continue reading

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Mary, Mary quite contrary

Apparently, the best way to get me to do a hard session that I’m dreading* is to give me permission to skip it.  Or at least it was this evening. Just before leaving work, I fired off an email to … Continue reading

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Cranleigh 15/21 race report, featuring photographs of naked flesh

Some races are not meant to be. I’d put Cranleigh in my diary ages ago as a possibility, but then forgotten to do anything about entering it.  Cue a grovelling email to the race organisers after the deadline for entries … Continue reading

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Canterbury parkrun

I know, I know.  It’s not a race, and it’s not all about the fast people.  But sometimes, the fast people are, to put it simply, incredible.  The first finisher at Canterbury today clocked up a time of 15:12, finishing … Continue reading

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Being civil to the cupboard of discomfort

Every so often, a session appears in my training plan to which my gut response is “you what now?”.  A goal so unachievable that it makes me wonder whether it is in fact a typo. The most recent of these … Continue reading

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Thames Path recce (Datchet to Temple Lock)

There follows an update on the current state of the Thames Path between Datchet and Temple Lock. Three steps onto the path, and there’s unavoidable puddle number 1.  Ankle deep, but only little. Unlike this one. Ankle deep and substantially … Continue reading

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