The North Face kit trial run

Did I mention that I am running Race to the Stones as part of a team, and that The North Face have very kindly sent all of us some kit?  It’s been sitting, looking at me, begging to go out for a run, but to date, I haven’t really had the chance to really put it through its paces.

I’ve already run in the capris (comfortable, flattering, but with the smallest zip pocket known to humankind, so not very practical for every day runs), but today was the perfect chance to put the rest of the kit to the test.  First impressions?  I like it.  Quite a bit.

There’s a short-sleeved top which is comfortable, didn’t chafe one little bit and is going straight to the top of my kit-list.  And matching shorts, which were great, once I’d got over the fact that they are very, very short and that there would be a good four inches of flesh exposed which hasn’t seen the light of day for years.

There are shoes, which are excellent, though possibly not quite the right choice for a surface as hard as sun-baked-Ridgeway.  They were still going strong after 20 miles, but may prove just a touch too firm for 100km.  I may need to have a word with the rain gods and book the odd deluge for the days leading up to Race to the Stones.

There is a race vest, which is as adjustable as an adjustable thing in adjustable land on adjustable day.  It took a while to work out exactly where I wanted the straps and quite how much to tighten them, but I got there in the end.  The final configuration didn’t bounce, didn’t rub and did hold everything I needed with room to spare.  Though I will need to upgrade my random water bottles to non-sloshy ones, because after 20 miles the constant swishing was becoming a touch wearing.

And lastly there is a visor.  Perfect for keeping the sun and suncream-laced sweat out of your eyes.  At least, I assume it is.  I accidentally left it in the boot of the car at the top of a very steep hill, and only realised when I was at the bottom.



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11 Responses to The North Face kit trial run

  1. The vest looks great.

    And you get a visor?! I have a theory that wearing a visor enables the wearer to manage to run 50% further than their previous (non-visor) maximum distance.

  2. plustenner says:

    very nice! I better go get a visor then too 🙂

  3. rundelrun says:

    WOW!!! That is some haul… and “Better Than Naked Shorts” what an awesome name!! Checked out the Race to the Stones website too… everything about this looks outstanding!!!

    .. if only I had the stones ;P

  4. shazruns says:

    Oh I think pics required especially of the shorts!

  5. Pictures of short sleeved top and vest please. Always looking for new kit especially if ot comes recommended.

  6. Abradysis says:

    The glaringly obvious kit omission is the full-length summer dress however.

  7. RubySneakers says:

    Very nice! I’m not familiar with these ‘non-sloshy’ water bottles though – I didn’t realise they were a thing. *must look into*

  8. Abradysis says:

    Rogue apostrophes strike again. According to the website, the vest is perfect for ultra trail run’s.

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