Don’t mind him, he’s only playing

I meet a lot of dogs when I’m out running, mostly because I run on public footpaths and national trails that are perfect for dog walking.  Most of the dogs are innocuous.  I slow down slightly to work out which way they’re heading, and we pass each other without incident.  Most of the owners are lovely, though some have a slightly odd sense of humour, including one couple who saw runners as the perfect opportunity to test their border collie’s knowledge of the chase and stop commands.

However, I was running along the other day when a little terrier-style-dog-product ran up to me and started barking and growling.  I stopped and waited for its owner to retrieve it.  As they did so, they said “he doesn’t like runners, one kicked him”.

I grunted something non-committal and continued on my merry way, wondering if maybe it was less a case of him having been kicked by a runner and more a case of him getting underneath a runner’s foot.

Whatever the truth of it, if your dog doesn’t like runners, then either keep it on the lead or make sure that it’s so well trained that it doesn’t act on its dislike.  Your badly trained pooch should not become my problem.


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12 Responses to Don’t mind him, he’s only playing

  1. plustenner says:

    those little yappy dogs are the worst…

  2. shazruns says:

    Here, here Louise. I now adopt the stop and wait technique terrified I will tumble or hurt the pooch. Met a dog recently on a public path, lots of runners use it and as he gnashed his teeth the owner cheerily said “he doesn’t like runners” why dear lady is he off the lead then? I should have replied but instead I told her I did not like dogs and that we were even!
    Happy dog free running.

  3. catsimpson0 says:

    I fell over a dog while running recently in Richmond park – it moved into my path at the last minute and it wasn’t possible to manoeuvre around it. I tried to fall ‘around’ it so not to hurt it, meaning I came down quite heavily on my elbow and hip (fortunately no lasting damage was done though) and at the time felt quite shaken up. The owner apologised but seemed to find the incident amusing too, making me wish I hadn’t tried not to hurt it and had just let it taken the brunt of the fall!

  4. hels205 says:

    There’s a lovely little trick that keeps those pesky pooches from running across your path.
    1 – Don’t maintain eye contact with the dog. Seems odd but some can see it as a challenge seeing as you’re running towards their pack.
    2 – Hold out one hand as though you’ve got peanut butter on your palm. It gives the dog a convenient target to sniff that’s not your legs or feet.
    3 – If you feel the need – say “hi”
    I’ve been greeted by growlers, ankle biters, jump at your chest, run through your legs, especially love the long lead high jump or mid step limbo as I duck under the lead for fear of being beheaded!!
    Same goes for horses – I just missed a rear leg swipe because I didn’t announce myself 😮
    Cows……. don’t get me started on cows!!!!
    Squirrels – I’m sure they chuck pine cones at me!

  5. Aprilruns says:

    May I borrow your post for my own blog? From a former dog owner this sounds odd – but I hate dogs… under my feet :-).

  6. I’m not particularly a dog person at the best of times, but I am downright terrified of them when I’m running – I would seriously freak out if one started to chase me (and even more so if their owner had audibly issued some kind of ‘chase’ command! Oh my!). My local park has designated (and fenced) dogs-off-leads areas and it annoys me no end when people let their dogs just run about willy-nilly. I think your post has triggered something deep in my psyche about dogs and running :).

  7. blackandtabby says:

    I have so many running friends who’ve been bitten by dogs when out running -it really scares me when I meet a dog off the lead. I feel especially vulnerable when I’m only dressed in Lycra! I always try to stop and let the dog & owner come past me to make sure I don’t trip over the dog / kick it / appear aggressive. Give me a cat any day!

  8. totkat says:

    Bloody hate irresponsible dog owners. It’s 100% their fault. Dogs need to be socialised with people and other dogs when puppies, trained in basic obedience and on a sodding lead if they’re in a stressful, unfamiliar or difficult situation. I love dogs, I’ve owned them and trained them and it drives me nuts that so few people are properly educated on how to own a dog responsibly. It results in unnecessary fear and stress in other people and the dogs themselves. Ranty ranty rant rant…

    (Yeah, dogs really get under your feet when running too, I’m paranoid about accidentally kicking or treading on the poor things and it’s not their fault.)

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