Pre race nerves

“Are you all packed and ready for the weekend?”

“Of course not.”

In just under 36 hours, I will be toeing the line in… um… er… Oxfordshire somewhere, ready to run 100km along the Ridgeway to Avebury.

Training has gone as well as I could have hoped given the extremely sorry state that I was in after Thames Path 85, and it’s been really nice (I know, I know, there has to be a better word than that) to share some of that training and preparation with the incredible women on the @RTTS100 team.

There have been a few hiccoughs along the way, namely tripping over a tree root and straining an intercostal muscle (who needs to breathe anyway?), the after effects of over-indulging at a family wedding (drink this bleach and then punch yourself in the abdomen a few times), and dropping a shelf on my toe (because taperchondria isn’t stressful enough).

But, all in all, I feel ready.

Which probably means that it’s time to go and pack.



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A Bradypus or Sloth am I, I live a life of ease, contented not to do or die but idle as I please; ... [Michael Flanders and Donald Swann]
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14 Responses to Pre race nerves

  1. CeeJayKay says:

    All the best!!!! Have fun x

  2. runtezza says:

    Don’t forget your TNF sun visor. Go babe of steel!

  3. Go and be magnificent.

  4. shazruns says:

    We wipes, pack them, I’d say good luck but you won’t need it, I’d say enjoy, but it sounds too long to enjoy. X

  5. plustenner says:

    good luck!! you will be awesome xx

  6. kimivory says:

    Enjoy it, and keep cool xx

  7. hels205 says:

    Taperchondria – exactly how many ways can you pre-injure yourself before an event? Ouch!!
    Good luck. Have a laugh/cry/scream out in the countryside. Enjoy the scenery and have a fabulous time.

  8. mia79gbr says:

    Eeeeek!!! Good luck!! You’re going to be amazing!! Can’t wait to hear how you get on!!

  9. totkat says:

    I love the way you mentioning bleach results in a Harpic advert in your blog 😀

    Have a great day – it’s going to be quite an experience and a lovely route!

  10. Norm says:


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