Woking parkrun

On Saturday, my training plan called for two hours of rolling trails.  There are a lot of parkruns that can be incorporated into a two hour rolling trail run, for example Richmond, Banstead Woods, Queen Elizabeth, Hampstead Heath, Havant and Shorne Woods, and if you don’t mind the parkrun itself being flat, you can add Winchester and Wimbledon to the list too.  Unfortunately, if there’s a way to extend Woking parkrun, I couldn’t see it, which was a shame because I hadn’t been to an inaugural for a while and I really fancied catching up with some familiar parkrun faces.

I emailed my coach.  Would it be the end of the world if I pootled around Woking and then did my two hour trail run in the afternoon?  Apparently not.  If I wanted to go to the parkrun enough to add three miles to my day and I promised to take it easy, then I was to feel free.  Result!

So on Saturday morning, I headed down to Woking for the first ever Woking parkrun.  It was fabulous.  It’s easily walkable from the train station, has free parking (for up to four hours), has toilets right by the start (something which cannot be over-valued), has twisty-turny laps which incorporate a lovely soft section through the trees and even has a choice of cafés (the Costa in the Leisure Centre is the recommended choice, but the Freedom Café by the swimming pool does a full veggie breakfast).  Add to that the social element of an inaugural (looking at the results, there were at least 30 people there that I knew, though I didn’t have the chance to chat to all of them) and it definitely made the extra miles worthwhile.



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2 Responses to Woking parkrun

  1. zoeforman says:

    Inaugural Parkruns always attract good crowds. Did you get your rail run in OK?

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