Cowell Club Coverage

A while ago, I spent a happy hour or two or three with the parkrun website and a spreadsheet to see whether there were any UK parkruns which had never been run by one of the eight members of the Cowell Club*.  It turned out that there were 17.

A conversation at Woking parkrun on Saturday made me wonder: now that there are 17 Cowell Club members, are there still any UK parkruns which have never been run by a Cowell Clubber?

A happy hour or two or three with the parkrun website and a spreadsheet, and I believe I know the answer.  There are, and these are they:

North West England

  • Workington

Northern Ireland

  • Armagh
  • Bangor
  • Comber
  • Derry City
  • Valley

Overseas Military Bases

  • Camp Bastion


  • Camperdown
  • Greenock
  • Hazlehead
  • Perth
  • Victoria

South East England

  • Folkestone (I guess we were all at the Woking inaugural this weekend!)

South West England

  • Blandford
  • Parke

*An unofficial club for tourists who have run at 100 or more parkrun different events**

**Two versions exist at the moment, the Global Cowell (100 or more different events globally) and UK Cowell (100 or more different UK events)***

***My stats are based on Global Cowell Club members****

****Had I used UK Cowell Club members, Eglinton parkrun in Scotland would also show as un-run.


*EDIT* There also seems to be only one parkrun which all 17 members have run.  Any guesses which one?

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12 Responses to Cowell Club Coverage

  1. shazruns says:

    Parke is tough I hear these Cowell members don’t like hills I guess or long journeys!

  2. I did the Parke parkrun lark last week but I took the bike so I didn’t have to park in the Parke parkrun car park.

    It was very sunny.
    There was a hill.

    If you did it in winter you’d have to take Crampons and ice picks to get up it. Quite genuinely, I bet after severe rain, it’s like an elimination event from Takeshi’s Castle with only the elite making it through!

  3. Andy says:

    “…to park in the Parke parkrun car park.” is a fair old tongue twister. I had trouble reading it and just saying it in my head. I’d probably swallow my tongue trying to say it out loud!

    • I’m just grateful I hadn’t been night fishing for great whites named after ‘new kids on the block’ singers-turned-actors, ‘cos that might be some lark, parking in the Parke parkrun carpark in the dark with a shark…called Marky Mark

      I probably took that a little too far.

  4. plustenner says:

    Could it be Bushy? 🙂 You going to Horsham on the 6th?

  5. JovialGnome says:

    Alright then, as it’s fairly central and is where I’m from, how about Braunstone (or Conkers!)

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