Wakefield Thornes parkrun

Rolling, technical and inventive.

Whoever designed the parkrun course at Wakefield Thornes is a genius, though I’ve yet to decide whether they’re evil with it.

The course features a rhubarb triangle (a small triangle of paths beside a massive metal rhubarb sculpture), which is just perfect for a course that’s found in The Rhubarb Triangle.

There are tarmac sections, grass sections, trail and tree root sections, and even a brick pathway or two. It’s not a lapped course, but short sections are repeated, sometimes in the same direction and sometimes in reverse.

It’s net downhill, though you have to work extremely hard for that. Very little of the course is flat and it hasn’t been designed so that there is one uphill drag followed by a runnable downhill reward. You go (down a bit, up a bit) x lots and then down a bit, both in macro and in micro, as you twist and turn your way around the park. Or rather as you twist and turn your way around the parks, as the parkrun course uses not one, not two but three adjacent parks.

I suspect that the volunteer co-ordinator will, upon occasion, curse the designer for coming up with a course that cries out for quite so many marshals and wonder whether laps of the playing fields would have been a better option.  But hopefully, they’ll resist the urge to change it, because it really is rather a lot of fun.


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