Tring parkrun (featuring Norm’s Cowell Club run and more examples of my superb observational skills).

If you’ve been struggling to find a fast, pancake flat and beautifully manicured course for your next parkrun PB attempt, then you really should check out Tring.  Because once you’ve run at Tring, pretty much every other parkrun course will seem fast, pancake flat and beautifully manicured…

… but very, very dull.

A word that no-one will ever use to describe Tring.  It has shallow hills, steep hills, long hills, short hills, glorious runnable downs, gentle turns, sharp turns, an obelisk, cows, cow pats, stunning views, beautiful woodland, and an unmissable summer house (which I missed).

tring parkrun elevation

Not pancake flat…

tring parkrun

…but not a playing field in sight.

I’d have loved it for the course alone, and it has gone onto my very short list of parkruns I will gladly repeat, but today was made even more special because it was Norm’s Cowell Club run (visit for his great write up of the event).  In fact, I was having so much fun chatting to old friends and new acquaintances that I forgot to get my barcode scanned, something I only realised when I pulled my position token out of my pocket along with my post-parkrun-coffee-fiver.  Fortunately for my stats, the event team came to the café to process the results and very kindly scanned my token and barcode there.  After they’d teased me ever-so-slightly for missing the large signs between the finish line and the café reminding parkrunners not to walk off with their finishing tokens…

Manchester Ship Canal anyone?

parkrun tring tourists


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6 Responses to Tring parkrun (featuring Norm’s Cowell Club run and more examples of my superb observational skills).

  1. JovialGnome says:

    I loved it too! And that is a rather spectacular graph! 🙂

  2. kimivory says:

    I wish I’d known you were doing Tring. It’s not far from me, I’d have come over and done it as well. xx

  3. plustenner says:

    Meet up when next you go back to do Tring? If it is near Kim, it will be near Carla as well 🙂

  4. Does it have a pb bell? I have seen a few post recently about pb bells.
    If it does it should definitely be a bicycle bell…


  5. mia79gbr says:

    Ooh it sounds BRILL! And I love the graph!! 🙂

  6. Cecilia says:

    Oh wow, that graph is amazing! Except now I want to create one for Australia (now that we have 100 parkruns we can have a race to the first Australian Cowell Club member – which would most definitely not be me!)

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