World 50km Treadmill Record – @ultra_paulo

On Saturday, after being paced to a new Park Run PB by James Elson, I sat in Profeet in Fulham and watched Paul Navesey run on a treadmill for just under 3 hours and 6 minutes.

Over 3 hours on a treadmill is mindboggling enough, but when you add in the fact that he ran 50k, it is, quite frankly, astounding.  10 back-to-back 18:35 parkruns and the only time he broke a sweat was during the warm-up when someone cranked the treadmill up to 16.1 miles per hour rather than 16.1 km per hour by mistake.

And though Paul was the star of the show, the supporting cast were a fairly impressive bunch too.  James Elson, Abdi Dhuhulow, Richard Ashton, Robbie Britton, Mark Perkins and Chris Mills all took turns “pacing” Paul, running on the neighbouring treadmill and offering insults and other ultra-running-community-approved moral support.

As a display of running prowess, it was phenomenal.  As an example of the camaraderie of ultra-runners, it was (how to put this without sounding overly gushing?) not bad at all.


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4 Responses to World 50km Treadmill Record – @ultra_paulo

  1. That neighbouring treadmill ‘pacing’ sounds like a good idea.
    I reckon I might be able to keep up.

    But those timings are just on a different planet.

  2. Cecilia says:

    Far out! I don’t know whether to be impressed by the pace, to be impressed by the ability to stay on a treadmill for so long (and so far) without dying of boredom! I’m sure the neighbouring pacing support helped to relieve any boredom – so well done to the whole team!

  3. plustenner says:


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