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A mission of mercy and a hate-fuelled polemic

“30 mins very easy run on trail or cycle.” It started innocently enough.  I decided to give my calf another day’s rest from running and take advantage of the “or cycle” option.  And then I remembered how uncomfortable my concrete-filled … Continue reading

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Playing my joker

“Rest” I strongly suspect that I’ll be playing my Jantastic joker this week, as I didn’t run yesterday and I swapped today’s rest for a thirty minute cycle around the block. Around and around the block, in fact.  I’d intended to … Continue reading

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Pain, rest and recovery

“30 mins very easy. Walking is fine or easy cycle instead of either.” I’m not going to manage an easy run or a walk or a cycle today.  Instead, I’m going to have to count walking up and down 12 … Continue reading

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Jumbled recollections of Country to Capital

A couple of miles into Country to Capital yesterday, a runner came past me. “Oh, hello”, he said.  “Weren’t you on the bridge last year?” The bridge in question is at mile 25.  By the time I got to it, I … Continue reading

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The luckiest person alive.

“Country to Capital” I really am the luckiest person alive.  When a friend lets you blag a bed at her house so that you don’t have to get up so early to catch a train, and then rearranges her morning plans … Continue reading

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A veritable smorgasbord of activities

“Rest” Today (well, yesterday because I completely forgot about blogging) has been a Janathon special, with more activities than you can shake a stick at. There was quad-work*, stair climbing**, cat wrestling***, slalom****, weighted stair-climbing*****, and a whole heap of … Continue reading

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Skip, skip, skipping along

“30mins easy” I suppose I could have fitted it in if I’d really wanted to, but after a fitful night’s sleep* and a long day at work, the lure of the sofa proved too strong to resist. So instead of … Continue reading

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Roll on race day

“40 mins including 10 x 10 sec pick ups” I’m tapering for Country to Capital on Saturday, which means my injury paranoia is at full strength and I’m checking the weather forecast on the hour, every hour.  We start at … Continue reading

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Hanging on by a thread

“Rest.” Rest with some glute activation exercises and a token plank thrown in to save me from the wrath of JogBlog. Tomorrow will be better, as it should feature both wrestling* and climbing**. *… a cat into a cat carrier … Continue reading

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Short and sweet

“40 mins easy with 20 x 30 sec pick ups” Done.  I even managed to find a break in the rain, so didn’t get wet.  Bargain.

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