Fun and frolics at the Valentines 10k

It may be small, it may be on fairly bog-standard terrain, and it may not have bling crafted from the tears of unicorns, but the Valentines 10k is a great race, and with times ranging from 30:21 to 1:40:13 and age grades ranging from 37% to 101%, I think it’s fair to say that it has an unusually broad appeal.

For me, the appeal was the people.  It’s organised by 26.2 Road Runners (the best running club in Surbiton), many of whom I know through parkrun and a few of whom I know through Centurion.  It’s also well patronised by local clubs (though strangely, not mine) which pretty much guarantees even more faces from parkrunworld.  Add to that King Danny’s influence attracting parkrun tourists from as far afield as Lincolnshire, and this was always going to be a rather sociable affair.

I came away with two chocolate bars (in my stomach), a rather form-fitting technical t-shirt, a small PB and a grin of which the Cheshire Cat would be proud.

I wonder when entries open for next year?


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7 Responses to Fun and frolics at the Valentines 10k

  1. Age grading of 101% ?!
    Crumbs! … a very fast older person… Or a world record?

  2. CeeJayKay says:

    CONGRATS on the PB! sounds like fun!

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