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Tired and emotional, pitiful and whiny

On paper, today’s run should have been a dream.  90 minutes of easy running in glorious sunshine on some flattish, and really quite pretty, trail*. But when you start looking at your watch 18 minutes in; when you know you’re … Continue reading

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Chalky says “Get a move on!” (featuring Cassiobury parkrun, the Grand Union Canal and the South Downs Way)

Part 1: parkrun There was only one place to be this parkrunday.  Anyone who was anyone would be there.  Richard McChesney, ED of the first New Zealand parkrun, was running his 250th parkrun; Colin Brassington was returning from injury to run his … Continue reading

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Off the beaten track

“70 mins easy on flattish trail” I wasn’t going to bother.  I was going to ignore “on trail” and just go for a run on one of my standard quiet-residential-street routes.  But this morning, I found myself throwing some kit* … Continue reading

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Stand and deliver; your medal or your life! Banditry at the Thames Meander Half Marathon

Forgive me, run directors, for I have sinned.  Today, I bandit ran the Thames Meander Half Marathon and even stole some bling. It wasn’t meant to be this way.  When I left the house this morning, my plan was to … Continue reading

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Brentwood parkrun

Me: I don’t suppose you’re feeling decisive are you?  If so, feel free to tell me where I’m parkrunning this Saturday. V: Harcourt Hill?  Didcot Parkway?  Somewhere in Essex? Me: Harcourt Hill is a possibility.  Didcot is cancelled due to … Continue reading

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Blah blah blah…

… Southsea parkun blah blah blah glorious sunshine blah blah blah flat and tarmac and out and back blah blah blah friendly locals blah blah blah nice café blah blah blah token sorting blah blah blah highly recommended. Blah blah blah Bluebell Hill blah … Continue reading

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