Blah blah blah…

Southsea parkun blah blah blah glorious sunshine blah blah blah flat and tarmac and out and back blah blah blah friendly locals blah blah blah nice café blah blah blah token sorting blah blah blah highly recommended.

Blah blah blah Bluebell Hill blah blah blah evil dog blah blah blah down down down blah blah blah up up up blah blah blah down down down blah blah blah up up up blah blah blah down down down blah blah blah up up up.

Blah blah blah disgusting o’clock alarm call blah blah blah Melton Mowbray parkrun blah blah blah great company blah blah blah should have worn road shoes not trail blah blah blah hill blah blah blah Shooting Times blah blah blah hot chocolate with veggie marshmallows blah blah blah token sorting blah blah blah worth a visit.

Blah blah blah Premier Inn Burton on Trent blah blah blah can’t open window blah blah blah air conditioning only goes down to 19C blah blah blah too hot blah blah blah memories of Inverness and invoking the Good Night Sleep guarantee after the worst night’s sleep ever blah blah blah talk to reception blah blah blah reset air con to “Super Chilly” blah blah blah head hit pillow, out like light, 9 hours straight through, happy.

Blah blah blah race registration blah blah blah coach to start blah blah blah chatting to random woman who turned out to be @alexaventures blah blah blah small world blah blah blah 9 miles of old railway track blah blah blah 14 miles of canal towpath blah blah blah 9 miles of cutting across fields, climbing stiles and negotiating kissing gates blah blah blah 7 miles of muddy canal towpath blah blah blah cheese pastie queue (expertly managed by @alexaventures) blah blah blah shower blah blah blah oops I’ve left my trousers in the other room blah blah blah walk back as though you own the place and maybe no one will notice that your legs are very, very bare blah blah blah decompress blah blah blah thank organisers blah blah blah get wetter during 100m dash to car than during race itself.

Blah blah blah traffic blah blah blah Nottingham finally! blah blah blah pick up passenger blah blah blah natter all the way to Brighton blah blah blah yes I’m fine to drive blah blah blah drive back to London blah blah blah unpack dirty laundry blah blah blah eat blah blah blah fall into bed blah blah blah sleep.

There’s a blog post in there somewhere, but I’m blowed if I can find it.

About abradypus

A Bradypus or Sloth am I, I live a life of ease, contented not to do or die but idle as I please; ... [Michael Flanders and Donald Swann]
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7 Responses to Blah blah blah…

  1. ultraboycreates says:

    Very amusing in a blah type way … By the way I think I read every blah to myself. Weird

  2. Andy says:

    About time you wrote a blog blah blah blah will keep Abradysis happy blah blah blah you left me the dirty washing on the kitchen floor blah blah blah.

    Will this do?

  3. mercyjm says:

    veggie marshmallows eh?

  4. plustenner says:

    you are blahing amazing 🙂 and a blahulous maths tutor!

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