Wimpole Estate parkrun (in which I walk the hill and fail to spot the Ferris Wheel)

I don’t often draw up my parkrun plans as early in the week as Tuesday, but this week I did just that.

Wimbledon Common parkrun with a friend.

I reviewed the plan on Friday night, and tweaked it a little.

Wimpole Estate parkrun with another friend.

I think you’ll agree that the changes were minor.

Wimpole Estate parkrun has been on my list for a long time.  Single lap, trail, gates, killer cows, not-too-killer-Hill*, loos at start, good café – everyone I know who has run it has told me it’s a great parkrun, though the unspoken words “in Summer” have sometimes echoed loud and clear at the end of the sentence.

Today was definitely a good day to go: the mud was minimal; the local running club had sent along a bevy of pacers; the Ferris Wheel sparkled in the sunshine**; and double Olympian and global parkrun record holder Andy Baddeley was there to start us off, cheer us in and answer any and all questions people had about 5km running.

It was, all things considered, a plan well tweaked.

* though I confess to walking it today, as my legs are lacking a certain oomph after West Highland Way.

** so Mike told me***

*** absolutely deadpan ****

**** knowing full well my history of missing ship canals (Warrington), white summerhouses (Tring) and blooming great iron towers (Paris Marathon).


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