Malling and Harcourt Hill parkruns – it’s all about the company

“I’m noticing a blog deficiency.” – Abradysis

Next week, Harcourt Hill parkrun will be celebrating its first anniversary.  I know this, because its inaugural event was on the same weekend as Winter 100, and Autumn 100 (a rose by any other name) is next weekend.  The microscope-shaped course consists of two laps of 3 playing fields and a golf course, and is run almost entirely on grass.  At its inaugural, that grass was muddy (so I’m told), but the recent sunshine has left it mud-free, with just enough softness to please my poor, aching joints*.

parkrun - harcourt hill course

As you may know, grass is one of my least favourite surfaces, and laps of a playing field fill me with dread.  The wiggles in the course softened the impact of the latter, and some fine company** more than made up for the former.  I’m not one of the world’s greatest hostesses, and love the fact that parkruns give me a simple, low pressure way to meet up with people, either in ones and twos, as at Harcourt Hill, or en masse, as part of a celebration…

…like last week’s get together at Malling parkrun for Rosemary’s 250th parkrun.  I had been in two minds about whether to attend.  On the one hand, I really wanted to be part of Rosemary’s celebrations, as she is one of my parkrun heroes, but on the other hand, it was an inaugural run, and I’ve found that I prefer to visit parkruns when they have had a chance to bed down and develop their own personalities.  Finding out that it would also be Mike’s Cowell Club run and that my super-crew from NDW100 (Andy, Kat and Jools) were planning to go tipped the balance, and I went away to check the details.

  1. Just off junction 4 of M20 – check
  2. Loos at start – check
  3. 2 laps of a lake – check
  4. Mostly flat – check
  5. Mixture of tarmac and gravel paths – check
  6. African themed fancy dress*** – HELP!

I turned to Abradyma.  Did she still have the Nigerian outfits that my parents had acquired when they lived in Lagos?  She did!  And she knew where they were!****  And she would be at home to callers on Friday!  Sorted.

So on Saturday morning, I headed to Malling, caught up with more parkrunning friends than you can shake a stick at, ate cake, watched as Rosemary completed her 250th parkrun, welcomed Mike into the Cowell Club and answered the question that had been plaguing me for days…

…could I run in this?

parkrun - malling fancy dress 2

* Taperchondria?  Me?  Why would you think that?

** Kate and Ash

*** Part of the 250 celebration and not an early expression of the parkrun’s personality.

**** Of course she did.  She is one of the most organised people on the planet.


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A Bradypus or Sloth am I, I live a life of ease, contented not to do or die but idle as I please; ... [Michael Flanders and Donald Swann]
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4 Responses to Malling and Harcourt Hill parkruns – it’s all about the company

  1. Rosemary says:

    Oh that’s a lovely thing to say Louise, so glad u were able to make it to my 250th milestone parkrun, ’twas a really awesome day and learning that it was Mike’s Cowell was the icing on the cake – I just had to announce it lol!

  2. abradysis says:

    Love the fact you ran in aladire.

  3. IAmKat says:

    It was lovely to catch-up with you at Malling! Enjoy your final week of taperchondria….everything will be fine come the weekend 😄

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