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Polesden Lacey 10k

There was a time when I wouldn’t have given the Polesden Lacey 10k the time of day.  It has no bling, no goody bag, no results – in fact no evidence of participation at all. Who would want to go to … Continue reading

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Box Hill Fell Race

One of the nice things about a personalised training plan is that it encourages me to climb out of my rut from time to time.  For example, last Sunday’s hilly trail run came with the phrase “somewhere new and exciting … Continue reading

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Run or go crazy

Dust. Boxes. Dusty boxes. Boxes of dust. And PEOPLE IN MY TERRITORY. After a teeny tiny meltdown on Sunday*  **  ***, I was feeling in need of a little bit of calm, so when a friend suggested a run and a chat, … Continue reading

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Crossed wires (#janathon day 9)

One of the lingering effects from breaking my ankle years ago (aside from a lack of flexibility which makes miracle stretching programmes almost irresistible) is a slight distortion to my sense of touch: pressing my scar triggers a short circuit … Continue reading

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Regent’s Park 10km (4 of 6)

After my third fastest parkrun ever last weekend, I went into today’s Regent’s Park 10km wanting a shiny new 10km PB, or at least a time that was better than last month. Alas it was not to be.  By the second … Continue reading

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Day 8 (of Janathon 2011)…

Originally posted on abradypus:
…my inner competitor made a bid for freedom. About 30secs after posting yesterday’s blog about doing a short recovery run today, I remembered that I’d been meaning to check out parkruns.  I found out about them…

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Snake oil and miracle pills (#janathon day 6)

It never ceases to amaze me how other people are continually falling for snake oil, miracle pills and other instant life fixes.  There is no magic weight loss pill, the go-faster stripes on your new trainers will not turn you … Continue reading

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The best laid plans (#janathon day 5)

The plan (1) Go home (2) Change into running kit (3) Go for run (4) Do all physiotherapy The practice (1) Go home (1a) Sit down (1b) Get sat on by cat (1c) Stroke cat (1d) Tweet about situation (1e) Poke … Continue reading

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Losing weight (#janathon day 4)

Over the next ten months, I need to lose weight and if I fail there will be financial consequences. Let Operation “remove the £1 coins from the piggy banks currently moonlighting as physiotherapy weights and spend them before mid-October” commence. … Continue reading

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Loafing around (#janathon day 3)

The plan: dog-jog; 35 minute recovery run; physio The reality: dog-jog*; physio I’d popped round to see my super-lovely friend, fully intending to go for a run when I got home, but she had three overripe bananas and a working oven … Continue reading

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