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Homewood parkrun

After a fabulous parkrun featuring friends, mud, tree roots, trees, coffee cake and token sorting, I was sitting in the café when my results text came through.  “Your time in position 57 today at Homewood parkrun was 33:00” Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! … Continue reading


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Day 8 (of Janathon 2011)…

Originally posted on abradypus:
…my inner competitor made a bid for freedom. About 30secs after posting yesterday’s blog about doing a short recovery run today, I remembered that I’d been meaning to check out parkruns.  I found out about them…

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Stratford-upon-Avon and Leamington parkruns (#janathon day 1)

When Andy B texted yesterday to say that his ribs were still hurting after his attempt to catch a falling tree (memo to self: do not try to catch a falling tree) and that he wouldn’t be heading to Stratford-upon-Avon … Continue reading

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Dulwich parkrun

“What time’s the alarm set for?” “Half six.  Breakfast and shower.  I need to have left by half seven.” I surfaced gradually and noted the daylight peeping through the curtains.  Odd.  It’s not usually light this early.  What time is … Continue reading

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York and Dewsbury parkruns

Christmas Eve: parkrun.  Hard effort if possible. Ask the parkrun tourist hive mind for gorgeous parkrun courses in Yorkshire and you end up with a list as long as your arm.  Ask for flat tarmac parkruns in Yorkshire and your list … Continue reading

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Best guest blog ever: Okanagan parkrun (by @abradysis)

When my evil twin*, abradypus, posted a Facebook link to the new Canadian parkruns, and tagged me in it, my heart sank. I was going to have to get up off my couch and drive an hour to do a … Continue reading

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Race report: Tooting Inverse Duathlon

The Tooting Inverse Duathlon is a strange creature.  It starts with a five mile ride that takes you along Merton High Street to the joy that is Cycle Superhighway 7.  You follow CS7 up to Tooting Bec Station before peeling right … Continue reading

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Sittingbourne parkrun and the Black Ranscombe Challenge

It seemed like a stroke of genius at 3.14am.  My plan had a 30 mile full kit run on Sunday 10th July, and the Black Ranscombe Challenge on 9th July started at 4pm.  That meant that I could run 30 … Continue reading

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Worthing parkrun #3

“parkrun – Hard effort please. Way above half-marathon pace, if not all out.” With Lakeland 100 less than 5 weeks away (gulp), my training plan is feeling a little relentless.  There’s nothing massive in there – the idea is that … Continue reading

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Luton Wardown parkrun

Monday / Tuesday Me: I may be in the wilds of Yorkshire this Saturday. Any parkrun recommendations?  Hilly trail preferred. Tourist Hive Mind: Oakwell Hall, though if you’re close to the M62 it might not take *that* much longer to get … Continue reading

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