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3 of 42

The Financial Code of Ethics of The Ohio State University (bear with me) pulls no punches.  I stumbled across it many years ago when I was updating some financial policies and procedures, and its opening paragraph is one I return … Continue reading

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6 jours de france

Privas.  It’s the capital of the Ardèche department and in the Rhône-Alpes region.  It sits in the midst of a rugged landscape which make it a centre for outdoor sports and exploration.  It has not one, not two but three rivers … Continue reading

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What a waste

Lakeland 100 has been my focus pretty much all year and with one misstep it has been taken away from me. When I think of the time that I devoted to learning the terrain: the evenings at pretty much each … Continue reading

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The picture of G Louise A

There’s a portrait of me in our attic.  It’s in the middle of a monumental hissy fit, has destroyed everything within touching distance and is looking around for more stuff to throw. I’m hoping it finds what it needs because … Continue reading

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Sittingbourne parkrun and the Black Ranscombe Challenge

It seemed like a stroke of genius at 3.14am.  My plan had a 30 mile full kit run on Sunday 10th July, and the Black Ranscombe Challenge on 9th July started at 4pm.  That meant that I could run 30 … Continue reading

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Last rites

Last visit to the lakes. Last very long run. Last run with pack. Last parkrun. There are four weekends between now and race day.  Four training farewells.  Four. Where did the time go?

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Unexpected company

We met halfway up Kirk Fell, where the grassy slope makes way for loose rubble.  We left the boundary together, but a few minutes later she decided that the path I was taking was decidedly iffy and headed off to … Continue reading

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