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Did you just tag the trig point?

After the wash out that was 2016, I started 2017 wondering whether I was still an ultra-runner.  Ridgeway 86 proved that I could still complete the distance, but mentally it sucked.  I needed a pick-me-up, something simple but fun, something … Continue reading

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Grinning all over again

When I first had the idea of running the Centurion Grand Slam it seemed like a completely unachievable goal, so much so that it took me nearly eighteen months to mention it to my coach.  When I did pluck up … Continue reading

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Did I really just do that?

Just over three years ago, with a single (very badly executed) marathon under my belt, I read a Juneathon blog about South Downs Way 100.  Being a curious soul, I went to the Centurion website to read more about it, … Continue reading

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Winter 100 – the blog post that wasn’t.

Gah.  There are so many posts that I want to write about Winter 100, that I find I can’t write any. I could write a whole post about Andy Bailey, a man I spoke to in passing at a parkrun … Continue reading

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Fulham Palace parkun, Winter 100 and a whole bucketful of inspiration.

I should be telling you about all the stuff which has happened since last weekend. I should be telling you that I went to Fulham Palace parkrun, a three-ish flat tarmac lap course where I was joined by a whole … Continue reading

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I may* live to regret this…

…but as I volunteered for more than eight hours at this year’s Thames Path 100, I have guaranteed entry into next year’s race… …and I have just emailed the race director to say “Yes, please!” *will almost certainly

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Thames Path 100 (mile 65)

I spent Saturday night in a marquee in Walton-on-Thames volunteering at the Thames Path 100. That hadn’t been the plan.  The plan had been to spend the night in a nice cosy village hall in Streatley, but flooding meant that … Continue reading

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Grocery shopping in a Lamborghini

My first marathon was disastrous – less a run and more a half marathon with a thirteen mile walk on the end. There were a number of reasons, but essentially it was due to a lack of training. If there’s … Continue reading

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I have a magic* training plan

I have embarked upon a new training plan.  It couches its instructions in language that I can understand, rearranges itself around my schedule, and never asks me to run on a day when running simply isn’t feasible. It is also full of … Continue reading

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