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Rapped knuckles

“Have you been foam rolling regularly?” I shuffled my feet and tried not to make eye contact. “Have you foam rolled at all?” I ran through my options, and decided that honesty was the best policy.  I shook my head.  … Continue reading

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Skip, skip, skipping along

“30mins easy” I suppose I could have fitted it in if I’d really wanted to, but after a fitful night’s sleep* and a long day at work, the lure of the sofa proved too strong to resist. So instead of … Continue reading

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And so it begins

It has been an odd couple of months.  Between 31st March and 1st June, I ran 208 miles, a figure which averages out at about a parkrun a day.  That all sounds really very respectable, but in fact, during those 63 days, … Continue reading

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Rest and rolling

I’m beginning to get the hang of foam rolling.  When I started, it was so painful that I couldn’t manage more than about thirty seconds, but now I’ve started to wonder whether I need to invest in a knobblier foam … Continue reading

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Rest day… Janathon style

Which roughly translates as a gentle recovery run around the block. It felt amazingly fluid, which I can only put down to the fact that I am a running queen*, though it did highlight a couple of areas that would … Continue reading

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