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Fulham Palace parkrun

It was one of those mornings. You know the ones.  The ones when you’re so soundly asleep that you build the sound of your alarm clock into your dream.  When you pour fruit juice into your tea.  When you get … Continue reading

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Fulham Palace and Reigate Priory parkruns 

Christmas Day wouldn’t be complete without a bonus parkrun, but it’s one of the few days of the year when travelling for how long?! to run 5k loses its appeal, so I decided to visit my home run (Wimbledon Common) … Continue reading

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Community spirit and logistical contortions (featuring parkrun and club cross country)

“Park Run. Easy effort. 1 before and 6 more miles for 10 total at easy effort.” It’s easy to fit a 10 mile easy run and some running club volunteering into a Saturday morning… if you’re prepared to ditch parkrun.  But where’s … Continue reading


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A distinct lack of parkrun tourism

I appear to have lost my taste for parkrun tourism. It happened last February too, when I ran an unprecedented four consecutive weeks at Wimbledon. This year has been slightly less dramatic, featuring Banstead Woods, Wimbledon, Hilly Fields (as a … Continue reading

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Fulham Palace parkun, Winter 100 and a whole bucketful of inspiration.

I should be telling you about all the stuff which has happened since last weekend. I should be telling you that I went to Fulham Palace parkrun, a three-ish flat tarmac lap course where I was joined by a whole … Continue reading

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An inaugural parkrun and an ultimate ultra

This weekend began with an inaugural parkrun and ended with an ultimate ultra. Fulham Palace parkrun, near Putney Bridge, is a two and a half lap circuit of Bishop’s Park.  It’s tarmac, flat, has a great looking playground, stacks of bicycle parking, a … Continue reading

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