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Crossed wires (#janathon day 9)

One of the lingering effects from breaking my ankle years ago (aside from a lack of flexibility which makes miracle stretching programmes almost irresistible) is a slight distortion to my sense of touch: pressing my scar triggers a short circuit … Continue reading

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Somewhere in a parallel universe

I was being so sensible.  I was on for a medal in the “most sensible injured runner” category.  I was going to be the poster child for injury rehab, a myth spoken of in awed whispers.  I was going to … Continue reading

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Rehab like you love it

It’s been six weeks since I rolled my ankle and five since I started rehab, and I’m doing my best to rehab like I love it.  I’ve invested in a tri membership at my local gym which gives me unlimited access … Continue reading

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What a waste

Lakeland 100 has been my focus pretty much all year and with one misstep it has been taken away from me. When I think of the time that I devoted to learning the terrain: the evenings at pretty much each … Continue reading

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Listening to my body

I admit it.  My ankle does not look good.  The bruising is extensive – impressive and alarming in equal measure.  But the strange thing is that it feels fine.  Not “I’m being stoic and trying to play down the pain” … Continue reading

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Beware the pixie of paranoia

Feeling smug about how well your training is going?  Congratulating yourself on being niggle-free?  Experiencing a surge in motivation? I was, until the pixie of paranoia came a-calling, leaving me with two broken feet and a broken rib*. She’s an … Continue reading

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Recovering, one day at a time.

Thames Path 100 broke me, but the body is an amazing contraption with mind-boggling powers of self-repair, and over the ten days it has been gradually putting itself back together again and preparing for the next great adventure. TP100 +1 … Continue reading

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Damoclesian swords and idiotic onions

Last summer, when I was injured, I came to the conclusion that my brand of idiocy comes in onion form. Peel off one layer and you reveal another, equally idiotic. Carry on peeling, and you will only discover more idiocy … Continue reading

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Thank goodness for stress fractures

I am becoming more and more convinced that last year’s injury was the best thing that could have happened to me. Being forced to take a four month break from running made me aware of how much I missed it, … Continue reading

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Aylesbury parkrun

I ran.  Well, I say ran.  I walked for five minutes and then adopted a run/walk strategy.  Which was probably a very stupid idea, as I was a little bit over-enthusiastic on Wednesday and my foot has been whinging ever … Continue reading

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