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Loafing around (#janathon day 3)

The plan: dog-jog; 35 minute recovery run; physio The reality: dog-jog*; physio I’d popped round to see my super-lovely friend, fully intending to go for a run when I got home, but she had three overripe bananas and a working oven … Continue reading

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#janathon (physio edition)

Forgive me, physio, for I have sinned.  I did no physio whatsoever at all during December. But that is all going to change.  Well, obviously the no physio during December won’t change, because I don’t own a time machine, and … Continue reading

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Stratford-upon-Avon and Leamington parkruns (#janathon day 1)

When Andy B texted yesterday to say that his ribs were still hurting after his attempt to catch a falling tree (memo to self: do not try to catch a falling tree) and that he wouldn’t be heading to Stratford-upon-Avon … Continue reading

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Sorry, not sorry

“How’s your ankle?” “Seems fine.  Didn’t mutter at all during last night’s head torch run on the common.” My physio looked at me. “Last night’s what?” I shuffled my feet and tried to look  innocent. “Last night’s head torch run … Continue reading


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The picture of G Louise A

There’s a portrait of me in our attic.  It’s in the middle of a monumental hissy fit, has destroyed everything within touching distance and is looking around for more stuff to throw. I’m hoping it finds what it needs because … Continue reading

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Growing up

I was a stubborn child.  My way or the highway.  You could reason with me, you could distract me, you could bribe me, but get into a straight battle of wills and that was it until I got my way. … Continue reading

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The physio, he say…

…run! Apparently, whatever is wrong with my knee is either intermittent or healed, because the physio could find no trace of it. So my instructions are to go away, train as I had planned to, and to get in touch … Continue reading

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Does #janathon trump physio?

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned briefly in passing devoted a whole blog post to the subject of my knee, which was throwing a wobbly.  The upshot of this was that I promised faithfully that I would seek out … Continue reading

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