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Somewhere in a parallel universe

I was being so sensible.  I was on for a medal in the “most sensible injured runner” category.  I was going to be the poster child for injury rehab, a myth spoken of in awed whispers.  I was going to … Continue reading

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Rehab like you love it

It’s been six weeks since I rolled my ankle and five since I started rehab, and I’m doing my best to rehab like I love it.  I’ve invested in a tri membership at my local gym which gives me unlimited access … Continue reading

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The picture of G Louise A

There’s a portrait of me in our attic.  It’s in the middle of a monumental hissy fit, has destroyed everything within touching distance and is looking around for more stuff to throw. I’m hoping it finds what it needs because … Continue reading

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Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun

I’m lying about the sun.  There was no sun. If I’d leapt out of bed and run this morning as planned, there would have been sun.  But I didn’t.  So instead of blue skies, I had dark clouds and drizzle. … Continue reading

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Plymvalley parkrun…

…is a very long way from London and has no loos. But I didn’t know that on Thursday.  All I knew on Thursday was that I had the fidgets.  I had Friday off work, no plans for Saturday and a … Continue reading

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A glimmer of hope

Two weeks ago, I walked Walthamstow parkrun.  That afternoon, my foot told me in no uncertain terms that I had not been ready, and the upshot was an instruction from the physio to rest for a further two weeks before … Continue reading

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