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And the rest

There is a lovely bit in Chrissie Wellington’s autobiography where she is extolling the virtues of rest days. And spending the day shopping or gardening doesn’t count as rest.  It has to involve sitting down, preferably on a sofa.  This … Continue reading


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A vague sense of unease

I really, really want my foot to be healed.  I thought it was.  I walked on it.  It seemed fine.  I ran on it.  It seemed fine.  And it didn’t hurt.  Not really.  Not enough to stop me running on it … Continue reading

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Growing up

I was a stubborn child.  My way or the highway.  You could reason with me, you could distract me, you could bribe me, but get into a straight battle of wills and that was it until I got my way. … Continue reading

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