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Royal Parks half marathon

I crawled bounded out of bed on Sunday morning, ran around the house in a mad panic trying to find everything picked up the bag I’d prepared the day before, and headed into London for the Royal Parks half marathon. … Continue reading

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I am not a runner

Not a real one, anyway. Since January, I have run 39 parkruns at 38 different venues.  I have even (if you’ll excuse my tiny wee brag) snuck into 10th place on the table of doom.  I won’t stay there.  The competition is cut-throat.  … Continue reading


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I don’t want your money, honey.

I have a nooooooo shirt. Bright, isn’t it?  I think I shall wear it to parkruns to make me extra easy to spot in the photos.  And I shall also be wearing it for my two half marathons to help … Continue reading

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