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Stand and deliver; your medal or your life! Banditry at the Thames Meander Half Marathon

Forgive me, run directors, for I have sinned.  Today, I bandit ran the Thames Meander Half Marathon and even stole some bling. It wasn’t meant to be this way.  When I left the house this morning, my plan was to … Continue reading

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In which I wangle some company for a waddle along the Wandle Trail

“Running tomorrow?” “Yes.” “Fancy company?” “That would be lovely.” “What’s in your plan?” “90 mins on the flat” “How flat?” “Mind-numbingly flat.” “Shall we head to the river?” “Could do.  Though I’ve been meaning to check out the Wangle Trail” … Continue reading

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Jammy dodger

“40 mins including 5 x 1 minute pick ups in the second half of the run” Sometimes a run surprises you.  I went out expecting the run to be a functional box ticking exercise and instead it was a treat.  … Continue reading

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Drawing a blank

The first time I met James Elson, he recognised me, out of context, from a photograph when he was at mile 135 of an ultra.  In fact, he not only recognised me, but also put a name to me.  All … Continue reading

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Running for a reason

Did I go for my run because a day without running is a day without meaning? No. Did I go for my run because I am a dedicated athlete and I know that every time I run, I am one … Continue reading

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The Gods of Convenience and Impromptu Delights

The Gods of Convenience and Impromptu Delights played a blinder today.  The God of Impromptu Delights kicked it all off yesterday by giving me the perfect excuse to swap a 40 minute run around the block for a ten-or-so mile section … Continue reading

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Facing my fears

My name is Abradypus and I have never run a track session. I didn’t set out to avoid track sessions, it just sort of happened.  My club’s track session is at 9:30am on a Saturday, and as I was a … Continue reading

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Don’t mind him, he’s only playing

I meet a lot of dogs when I’m out running, mostly because I run on public footpaths and national trails that are perfect for dog walking.  Most of the dogs are innocuous.  I slow down slightly to work out which … Continue reading

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Mary, Mary quite contrary

Apparently, the best way to get me to do a hard session that I’m dreading* is to give me permission to skip it.  Or at least it was this evening. Just before leaving work, I fired off an email to … Continue reading

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A glimmer of hope

Two weeks ago, I walked Walthamstow parkrun.  That afternoon, my foot told me in no uncertain terms that I had not been ready, and the upshot was an instruction from the physio to rest for a further two weeks before … Continue reading

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