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3 of 42

The Financial Code of Ethics of The Ohio State University (bear with me) pulls no punches.  I stumbled across it many years ago when I was updating some financial policies and procedures, and its opening paragraph is one I return … Continue reading

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PB Klaxon: it’s all in the preparation

Today’s To Do List: (1) Prep for an OU tutoring session with a friend’s son (2) Coaching call to talk through race plan for TP100 (3) OU tutoring session with a friend’s son (4) Find compass and space blanket (5) Go for a … Continue reading

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#TP100 – Race Report

I timed out somewhere around mile 83.  By then, my pace had slowed to two miles an hour, and I needed to be covering ground at three miles an hour to make Oxford by 2pm.  If you’d been on hand … Continue reading

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#TP100: DNF

I wanted it so much and I tried so hard, but today was not my day. I have been chewed up and spat out and I’m broken. I’m also profoundly grateful to Kate and Norm, without whom I would have … Continue reading

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This time tomorrow…

…I will be on my way from Richmond to Oxford along the Thames Path. I’d better go and get my stuff ready.

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Sheer bloody mindedness vs a monumental aversion to pain

I am bloody minded in the extreme. Tell me I can’t do something that I want to do, and I will do it (unless something more interesting takes my fancy first). Show me an ultra with an all male start … Continue reading

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Damoclesian swords and idiotic onions

Last summer, when I was injured, I came to the conclusion that my brand of idiocy comes in onion form. Peel off one layer and you reveal another, equally idiotic. Carry on peeling, and you will only discover more idiocy … Continue reading

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I may* live to regret this…

…but as I volunteered for more than eight hours at this year’s Thames Path 100, I have guaranteed entry into next year’s race… …and I have just emailed the race director to say “Yes, please!” *will almost certainly

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Thames Path 100 (mile 65)

I spent Saturday night in a marquee in Walton-on-Thames volunteering at the Thames Path 100. That hadn’t been the plan.  The plan had been to spend the night in a nice cosy village hall in Streatley, but flooding meant that … Continue reading

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