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A lazy morning at Wimbledon parkrun

Much as I love parkrun tourism, there are times when the lure of a lie in and the appeal of the familiar  prove too strong to resist.  So this morning, I found myself heading not to Banbury or Chichester or … Continue reading

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A lie in, a long run and a local parkrun

I had a plan. It involved Pegwell Bay parkrun and the Viking Coastal Trail. It also involved an appointment with disgusting o’clock and about four hours in the car. I ditched it. I had another plan. It involved Queen Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Don’t they all blur into one? My journey to the Cowell Club (part 1)

The two most common questions that I’m asked when people find out that I’m a bit of a parkrun tourist are “Which is your favourite parkrun?” and “Don’t they all blur into one?” I have many favourite parkruns and I … Continue reading

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Inspirational women

For all my tourism, when I’m feeling a little bit blah about running and in need of a little pick-me-up, it’s hard to beat my home run at Wimbledon.  Especially when it comes complete with four truly inspirational women. First … Continue reading

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The rewards of sloth

I was lazy this morning.  Instead of setting the alarm for stupid o’clock to tick off another new parkrun, I set it for the luxuriously late time of 8 o’clock and pottered off to Wimbledon… …where I bumped into Run … Continue reading

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Yay aargh!

(with apologies to the Mutant Enemy logo) Yay!  I won the Janathon competition for a new pair of shoes from sportsshoes.com, which is very exciting (it’s just possible I need to get out more) but does leave me with a … Continue reading

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How time flies…

…when you’re attempting to expel your lungs from your body with your own diaphragm. Yes, after the mileage glut that was January, comes the mileage famine of February.  My long run last Saturday (incorporating Wimbledon parkrun in all its glorious muddiness) and a wonderful … Continue reading

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Running squared

My original plan was to go to Chelmsford for their inaugural parkrun, but in the end I played it safe and stayed close to home.  So this morning I ran three snowy miles to my parkrun, three snowy miles around my … Continue reading

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Company and clothing

Guess what I picked up today! After which I lolloped around Wimbledon parkrun in the lazy time of 31 or so minutes, popped home, changed my shoes and then joined Run Or Go Crazy and co for an extremely enjoyable and chatty 10 … Continue reading

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Mad dogs and runners

A rare lie in meant that I didn’t lace up my trainers until noon.  On any other day this week month year, that wouldn’t have been anything to worry about, but today the sun was shining so I decided to … Continue reading

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