I love parkrun.  Since discovering it in January 2011, I’ve been every week that I’ve been in the country, either as a runner or a volunteer.  I’ve run at over 100 different parkrun venues and have volunteered at a handful of different events too.

If you have a parkrun near you, check it out.  If you have a few parkruns near you, check them out.  They vary from tiny to huge, flat to hilly, road to trail, but your barcode is valid at all of them.  Just don’t forget to take it!

And if you want to read a little bit more about the joys of being a parkrun tourist…



3 Responses to parkruns

  1. Debbi Weaver says:

    Hello, I found your rules of Park-race (, and loved it! I’m the report writer for a parkrun in Australia, about to celebrate our first birthday, and would like to post your rules (with minor edits, but credit to you). Would you be Ok with that?

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